Hazard analysis

Recognising and correctly reacting to hazardous situations.
Driving technique

Remedying shortcomings in your driving technique! Basic concepts such as vision control and braking technique are practiced.
Handling exercises

Safely learn and practice playful handling on special courses. Instruction both in the correct sitting posture on the motorcycle and the necessary visual technique is provided and – as required – continuously corrected.
Braking exercises

Correct brake handling is a matter of learning and practising. The electronic braking systems only help if the correct handling is practiced with this technology. Braking exercises in association with evasive manoeuvres and the correct visual und steering technique can prevent accidents.
Race track

Driving on the race track under the direct supervision of experienced instructors. Here the focus is not on the lap time, but instead the proper implementation of the driving, braking and visual technique at higher speeds.

Turning and starting on gradients.
Protective equipment

Although it is absolutely necessary to wear appropriate protective equipment on a motorcycle, this is precisely the area where educational work is necessary, as many bikers still pay scant attention to this subject. The effect of this in the event of an accident is very often decisive for survival.

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